Examined Algorithms

Nathaniel Forde’s Personal Website


Welcome to my site!

You’ll find a range of writings on data science, philosophy, statistics and inference more generally. I’ll update this site with semi-regular blog entries, and any talks or presentations on these topics.


I’m a data scientist specialising in probabilistic modelling for the study of risk and causal inference. I have experience in model development, deployment, multivariate testing and monitoring.

I’m interested in questions of inference and measurement in the face of natural variation and confounding.

My academic background is in mathematical logic and philosophy where I mostly imagined possible worlds and modal logics.

Recent Experience

  • Personio | Staff Data Scientist | December 2021 - Present
    • Working with Product and Engineering to measure risk and quantify impact. Revenue Ops to forecasts and optimise processes.
  • PyMC | Open Source Contributor | November 2021 - Present
    • Helping to document some of the more esoteric applications of Bayesian modelling in PyMC.